Asus, Dell, and Alienware to Release Oculus Rift-ready PC Bundles

If you’re one of those unlucky souls who’ve been eagerly waiting for the Oculus Rift but didn’t get a chance to place your name for a preorder, then worry no more: PC bundles packaged with the Oculus Rift are coming your way this April.


Asus, Dell, and Alienware are set to release 8 high-powered PC bundles that will come with the Oculus Rift’s launch package (headset with built-in headphones and microphone, sensor, remote, and an Xbox One controller). Asus leads the way with 4 variations, Alienware with 3, and Dell with 1. All 8 are configured to match the Oculus Rift’s minimum/recommended setup, so you don’t need to worry about them coming up short in one aspect.


Distributed by ASUS, Dell, and Alienware. Pre-orders on Amazon. Price range $1,499 – $3,149


Check out the configurations for all 8 PC bundles in each link below and pen in your preorders now.


  1. Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G20CB-WS71 Desktop PC Bundle
  2. Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle
  3. Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G11CD-WS51 Desktop PC + ASUS 19.5″ HD+ Monitor Bundle
  4. Oculus Rift + ASUS Oculus Ready G20CB-WS51 Desktop PC Bundle
  5. Oculus Rift + Alienware Oculus Ready Area 51 Gaming Desktop PC Bundle
  6. Oculus Rift + Alienware Oculus Ready X51 R3 i5 16GB Desktop PC Bundle
  7. Oculus Rift + Alienware Oculus Ready X51 R3 i5 8GB Desktop PC Bundle
  8. Oculus Rift + Dell Oculus Ready XPS 8900 Desktop PC Bundle


The PC bundles are currently available for preorder on Amazon. Those who preorder will be entitled to a nice discount as well as copy of EVE: Valkyrie, an upcoming multiplayer shooter game slated to be launched together with the Oculus Rift. If you decide to pass on preorders, the PC bundles are scheduled to be released on April 23. It’s up to you whether you want to get into the action as soon as possible. Do note, however, that orders may be a bit delayed in their shipping because, well, the Oculus Rift is white-hot at the moment, as evidenced by the first batch being sold out in less than a day. So, Amazon’s capability to ship out the PC bundles largely depends on the Oculus Rift’s stock.

For people who don’t want to go through the process of building their customized PC, purchasing any of the bundles is a great alternative. The prices range from $1,499 to $3,148, which are right in the alley of the recommended PC set ups we posted about before. Although you’re probably aware by now that the Oculus Rift (and virtual reality headsets in general) doesn’t come cheap.


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