Occipital Develops Bridge VR Headset for iPhone

The users of the Apple phones have something new to smile about when it comes to virtual reality! Occipital has developed a new VR headset for iPhone which means that users of these phones can enjoy smartphone-powered virtual reality. The San Francisco-based startup has dubbed the headset as Bridge VR, and the sensor tech is now compatible with the iPhone that lacks the startup’s new “mixed reality” headset.

Mobile VR with Bridge VR headset

Bridge can be used like any other mobile VR headset. You can connect to an iPhone 6 or 7, fixed it on your head and simulate a 3D environment. Equipped with a Bluetooth remote, the headset can handle some motion, making it similar to the Google’s Daydream VR headset.

In addition to handling motion, Bridge can generate realistic sounds, images and other sensations of real environment. It can simulate the user’s physical presence and enable the user to interact with the environment and its objects. The virtual reality gadget can artificially induce sensory experiences, such as sight, hearing and touch.

Leader in iPhone VR headsets

According to tech enthusiasts, Bridge needs to be fine-tuned before it can be considered the best option device in the mobile VR world. While it can provide accurate positional tracking and smoother motion, it is affected by a small delay that can make you uneasy. The headset operates at 60 frames per second while the iPhone can only allow the app to operate at 30 frames per second, so there are a bit of some compatibility issues.

Bridge Occipital

According to Occipital, Bridge VR borrows some features from the Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Samsung Gear VR. Its price is set at around $499 which is pretty close to the Samsung VR device. It is currently available in limited quantities, but the startup is planning a wider release in the first quarter of 2017 and also cut the price by $100. With Google and Samsung dominating Oculus and Android with their VR headsets, Occipital will have to do everything to become a leader in iPhone VR headsets.


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