PlayStation VR Core Bundle Now Available

Last week, Sony started taking pre-orders for the Launch Bundle of its entry into the world of virtual reality: the PlayStation VR. And unsurprisingly, it’s already sold out. But don’t worry if your slow fingers weren’t fast enough to secure yourself one last week. Sony has also just released another packaging to allow a few others to get into the pre-order party: the Core Bundle.


The Core Bundle will come at a much cheaper price compared to the Launch Bundle, coming in at $399.99 – a full $100 price cut from the Launch Bundle’s $499. Of course, the price cut also means the content of the Core Bundle will be different. The Launch Bundle contains the following:


  • PS VR headset
  • PS VR cables
  • Stereo Headphones
  • PlayStation VR Demo Disc
  • PlayStation Camera
  • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • PlayStation VR Worlds (Disc)

PlayStation VR

Yes, you have to either already own a PlayStation 4 or buy it separately. The Core Bundle does not include the PlayStation Camera and the PlayStation Move motion controllers. They can be bought separately at $60 and $30, respectively. Although users can utilize the DualShock 4 to move around the virtual reality world, those two accessories allows for a more immersive experience. Those who are unlucky enough to miss out on the Launch Bundle will have to do with making two (or three) additional transactions in order to get the complete PlayStation VR experience.

Aside from all the shiny hardware, both bundles of the PlayStation VR will come with 5 video game titles, which are represented by the PlayStation VR Worlds Disc listed above. The 5 games are: The London Heist, Into the Deep (not yet official title), VR Luge, Danger Ball, and Scavenger’s Odyssey.


The Core Bundle, regardless of its price, will no doubt be sold out again in no time. If you miss out on it, too, then you’ll have to turn your Amazon e-mail notification in order to get the scoop whenever a new batch of bundles comes in.

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