What will be the big VR games in 2017?

For all the hype about VR gaming, there’s yet to be a release that truly captures the attention of the mainstream gaming market.

But all of that looks set to change in 2017 as there’s a wealth of innovative virtual reality games on their way that will reveal exactly why this is the future of gaming.

The year has already kicked off strongly with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard showing us exactly how gruesome VR gaming can be. This updates the acclaimed survival horror series for the PlayStation VR by implementing a first-person perspective and making the whole franchise much spookier through an overwhelming feeling of disorientating helplessness.

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However, there are those who have claimed that the Resident Evil game suffers from those unpleasant feelings of motion sickness. This is why games like Bandai Namco’s upcoming Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown could show us how staying stationary whilst chaos unfurls around our plane’s cockpit could provide some less nauseating entertainment.

There are also a few familiar franchises that are looking to get a facelift for the VR revolution. Whilst we’ve still to see how Fallout 4 will look in virtual reality, it looks like the Gran Turismo Sport will include a special VR Tour Mode that will make the high speed racing all the more immersive.

Even some classic games look like they will soon make a big impression on VR entertainment in 2017. Whilst the likes of the live blackjack games that you can find at MrSmithCasino are waiting for their first virtual reality adaptation, many arcade fans will be pleased to find that the mythical cabinet-classic, Polybius, will soon be bringing its disorientating thrills to the VR generation.

Trekkies can also look forward to their own VR fun when the much-delayed Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR lands on 14 March. This will give Star Trek fans the chance to team up with friends to take up the roles of pilot, engineer, weapon commander or captain and carry out a range of intergalactic missions.

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Other games to look forward to include wandering a Russian post-apocalyptic wasteland in Arktika, blasting robots to oblivion in the fun Robo Recall, and even testing your vocal skills with the SingSpace VR title.

And with ARK Park set to deliver us plenty of dinosaur-related VR action, it looks like 2017 will be a great year for VR gamers.

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