Serious Sam 3 VR:BFE Hits Steam in Just $36

Big news for virtual reality fans as developers of Serious Sam has released the fourth installment called Serious Sam 3 VR:BFE. Instead of creating a new storyline from scratch, the developers decided to make a VR remake of Serious Sam 3: BFE which was actually released in 2011. It is the same game with new VR functionality. It’s good because the fans will not have to understand the game plan. They have already played the game back in 2011, just they are doing it this time in VR way.

The planet has been invaded by beasts from an alien planet and Sam has been given the responsibility to get rid of them. You, the game player, will guide Sam by moving your hands up and down and by shooting beasts.

What is the difference between the new game and Croteam’s previous VR games? This time they have included an artificial locomotion that can help you explore game’s expansive levels. Another thing is the advanced VR controls which the company claims to be ‘a gift for hardcore VR gamers’.

Croteam’s VR lead guy, Davor Hunski, has called this game a good addition in virtual reality world. They had the support of entire VR community and it was the result of their prayers that they were able to release such a game. Davor Hunski calls it to be a thrilling and intuitive VR game. While developing Serious Sam 3 VR, they had the demands of the fans in their minds what they actually wanted to play. They are excited that they have fulfilled the wishes of their fans.

There has been included a number of multiplayer modes in game like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Co-op, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Instant Kill and Last Team Standing.

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Prior to this one, Croteam has already released two other VR games in the same year named Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter (2017) and Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter (2017).

Normally Serious Sam costs $40, but this time they are offering 10% relaxation and demanding only $36. This is a limited time offer, as the offer expires on 16th November. The fans are advised to buy it before 16th November if they want to take the advantage of the offer. Serious Sam 3 VR is currently available at Steam store. (

Currently, they are all busy developing Serious Sam 4, about which there are no news as on which date the new game will be released. The new game is expected to hit stores as soon as it is developed.

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