Three New Fields for Virtual Reality

Despite the fact that the concept of VR has been relevant for the last 40 years or so, the cutting edge technology that we see today is still very much in its infancy. Nevertheless, with the introduction of a wide variety VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, VR looks set to have an increasing impact on our daily lives.

VR has already revitalized areas including sport, education and medicine but a better understanding of its dynamics could well lead to endless possibilities. Whilst the rapidly evolving nature of technology makes it almost impossible to predict what will be available in the years to come, it’s fair to say that the sky is the limit when it comes to immersive technology.


While we are a long way off a so called “tentpole” movie in VR, some of Hollywood’s biggest names are currently working on projects which will eventually embrace the technology and festivals such as Tribeca and Sundance have already showcased short films available in VR.

Owners of VR headsets can already enjoy a 360 degree Paranormal Activity sequel in VR, with around six hours of spooky content to explore. The biggest challenge for the film industry is to figure out how best to incorporate the technology into full length cinematic experiences but there is certainly plenty of mileage in VR when it comes to movies.


Real Estate

Agents often have to deal with elements that are out of their control such as traffic when moving from appointment to appointment. VR could easily offer the possibility of virtually visiting a number of different homes within a shorter time frame.

Managing the expectation of potential buyers is also an issue for Estate Agents, with many often proclaiming that the property “looks different on the pictures.” VR is already helping to all but eliminate this problem, with companies such as VirtualAPT using proprietary software which results in video-driven 360-degree tours and allows buyers having the chance to have a virtual nosey around before they visit the property in person.


The gaming industry is certainly one of the main beneficiaries when it comes to VR. Ubisoft gaming in particular is heavily investing a number of social gaming experiences, including Eagle Flight, a multiplayer game in which users are free to soar the skies of Paris like eagles.

Online casino games such as live dealer roulette at William Hill look set to be the next area of gaming to benefit from VR owing to the evolution of live streaming and it seems only a matter of time before players will be able to fully immerse themselves at the table to take on the croupier.

The Sky Really Is The Limit

“The only limit is your own imagination” – Lawrence Jones MBE.

Never has a quote so perfectly encapsulated the concept of Virtual Reality. The only thing that could possibly hold the VR industry back is a lack of patience. As has been previously mentioned, the technology is still relatively new and whilst it’s currently experiencing a few minor problems, the wait will almost certainly be worth it once the finer details are ironed out. Virtual Reality has the potential and power to revolutionize the world as we know it – you just need to let it happen.

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