Why VR games will never be the same as regular video games

Virtual reality gaming has been one of the most talked-about trends in entertainment over the past couple of years. But despite the hype around the incredible VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, sales have struggled to meet the feverish expectations.

Whilst the marketing of VR games has to take a different approach to the standard game, it’s been evident that there has yet to be a breakthrough game that shows of the full potential of virtual reality entertainment.

Unlike the incredible success of Pokémon Go that quickly introduced over 500 million gamers to the thrill of augmented reality, virtual reality games have struggled to really capture the imagination of the mainstream.

Much of this relies on the fact that virtual reality games are inherently different from the traditional game. Virtual reality thrives on creating an immersive experience that should only really be played in short bursts so as to avoid those still troubling occasions of virtual reality nausea that have plagued many newcomers to the VR craze.

Best VR immersive experiences

As a result there have been accusations that VR games are overly gimmicky. And when even one of Sony’s bosses likens their PlayStation games to a theme park ride, it’s clearly going to be a very different prospect when compared to a good twelve-hour World of Warcraft session.

But despite these limitations, Lucky Nugget Casino’s blog post shows how the VR realm is hugely attractive to gamers and developers alike. Whether it’s using the incredible technology to make a 3D simulation of some of the most iconic casinos in Canada, or even the Ghostbusters’ headquarters in the Ghostbusters VR: Now Hiring game, it seems that virtual reality offers way more scope than the standard game.

It’s the horror gaming realm that’s really taken to virtual reality most. Earlier this year, the Resident Evil VR game showed that virtual reality isn’t a gimmick as it was a full length game that made full use of the immersive VR capacities to deliver a terrifyingly realistic experience.

And even Oculus Rift have managed to overcome sluggish sales to deliver what’s been called the first can’t miss VR game with Wilson’s Heart.

This made full use of retro horror motifs to deliver a black-and-white adventure that shows how virtual reality should serve the game, and not the other way around. So that whether it’s attempting to document a Canadian casino or a terrifying underground labyrinth, the game must always come first.

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